What is the Terry Top?
The Terry Top gives you the comfort and ease of keeping your wet hair out of your way and off your shoulders while you dry your body with your body towel, do your make-up, or shave. No more balancing an awkward, twisted up towel on top of your head! No more complicated hair wraps! And no more wondering what parts of your body were dried off with your towel before putting it on your face! (Gross, we know) Just the comfort of 100% cotton to dry your face and hair and the sweet knowledge that your Terry Top has only been on your head.

Our Mission
To provide a simple solution to a messy problem. The Terry Top replaces the bulky, twisted up towel and stays on without balance or a kink in your neck. The Terry Top prevents you from putting your body towel on your . . . other parts of your body and then on your face; it keeps your body towel where it belongs—off your face.

Our Story

Simple. Easy. Comfortable. Three words we all would like to see more of in our lives. As a busy mom of two extremely energetic *and darling* little girls, I certainly do. Being a mom is hard work, and I love it. But, I also feel like even the smallest thing that may help my day go more smoothly adds a skip to my step and makes me feel like I am on top of things. Rational? Maybe not. But with toddlers, I will take anything I can get.

Enter: My Brother. He is bald. He wears bald very well, if I may say so. But nonetheless, not a hair on his head. One day he borrowed our mom’s sewing machine and made a towel-tube-thing that he would use to dry off his face then set on top of his head to keep it warm when he got out of the shower. He is a problem-solver, that guy.

Mental note: teach my future sons to sew.

One look at this towel and it was like the sun was shining down and angels were singing from afar. I saw immediately how I could use this towel after every shower. It solved the problem of my wet hair hanging on my shoulders and back while I get ready…of my hair getting in my way while I put on my make-up…of putting my four-days-since-last-washed towel on my face. Yep, angels were singing.

The rest is history. The Terry Top is now being sold in retail stores nationwide. But most importantly, busy women (and quite a few men!) all over the country are getting just that extra boost each morning with a simple, easy, comfortable solution the Terry Top can provide.

Ready To Enjoy Your Own Terry Top?

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  • No hair in your face.
  • No body towel on your face.
  • Luxuriously soft and absorbent.
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