“It’s sometimes said that you don’t miss something until it’s gone. In this case, I didn’t realize I missed it until I had it.”
~ Utah Mom’s Life

“It really completes your home spa experience, or even just makes getting ready in the morning that much easier. It would make a great gift on it’s own (stocking stuffer?) or as part of a spa gift set…to really pamper that special person.”
~ Glimpse Reviews

“With Terry Top’s simple, yet genius design there is no more twisting, buttoning, or balancing to get your hair dried off after a shower. Twisting actually damages your hair. I knew this, but after using this hair towel for a week, my hair is softer, I am using less conditioning products, and my ends look as healthy as they do the day I get a good trim. Towel blotting your hair is a much better way to dry, and doesn’t lead to unnecessary damage.”
~ 5 Minutes for Mom Blog

“Dear Rob and the Terry Top team ~ I just wanted to let you know that the Terry Top is a must-have in my routine – it totally solved my after-shower problems! I have long hair. Do you know how cold long, wet hair is after a shower? It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s annoying. I used to do the bath towel turban thing around my head to keep my head warm and stop my hair from soaking my shirt and freezing my back, but that was just as annoying – it NEVER stayed in place. Hey, I’m a busy chick! I gotta get stuff done around the house and in my home office, so I couldn’t just keep adjusting it 20 times or sit still like a porcelain doll for 30 minutes. I usually just said, “Forget this crap!” and took the freeze option! BUT NOW – I have a Terry Top! My hair stays in place, off my back, my shirt stays dry, my head stays warm and I can talk on the phone or do whatever I need without worrying about it falling off! It’s soft, comfortable, warm and just what I needed! This issue may not be the most important issue in my life, but it sure does make my morning routine more enjoyable and THAT makes the other issues in my life better too! Thank you so much for taking your idea making it real!”
~ Tanisha Martin, Personal & Business Coach, 5th Degree Associate Master in Traditional Shao-Lin Kung Fu

“The first time I used my Terry Top, I was amazed at its genius! The first thing I did when I finished showering was to pull on the Terry Top. I realized this is very cool because now my hair is out of my face AND it’s pretty much drying itself. Before, I would spend 3 or 4 minutes after shower just drying my hair with one side of my bath towel. Then I had to remember which side of my bath towel I had just used to dry my hair so that I wouldn’t use that same side to dry my body, spreading hair from my head onto my body. When I put on my makeup after showering, it was terrific to have my full face exposed – no hair to move away from my face! Then I took off the Terry Top and most of the moisture was gone from my hair – all ready to style and shape.”
~ Heather Nibley

“The Terry Top is amazing! It’s easy to use and does its job without the balancing act of a ginormous, questionable body towel on top of your head What a genius idea! I LOVE my Terry Top!”
~ Annemarie Ballif

“I have always been a two towel girl – one for my body and one for my hair. I didn’t realize how much of a pain my hair towel was until I used the Terry Top. The fabric is so soft and light and I don’t have to worry about it falling off my head while I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s also nice to have a towel just for my face and hair and not having to worry about accidentally getting it mixed up with my body towel. So, thank you Terry Top for getting rid of many headaches…literally.”
~ Charity Wheeler

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